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Your Complete Construction Solution.

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JG Development loves to build.

We build homes, we build commercial structures, we build places of worship, and we build more.  But what we really love to build is intangible:  trust and long-lasting relationships.

We love what we do, and we want you—our customer—to love what we do for you.

To that end, we’re a quality-focused organization.  And to deliver quality, we offer the specific knowledge, experience and expertise your project needs through our four divisions.

Brio Design Homes

Brio is our new home building division staffed with talented designers and craftsmen who are experts in creating masterpiece homes.

Vive Home Transformations

Vive is our home remodeling division that specializes in large-scale transformations, whether whole home, additions or single rooms, inside and out.

National Construction

National is our commercial construction division focused on projects that enhance communities, like childcare, healthcare and government facilities, and housing, retail, hospitality and industry.

NCI-Roberts Construction

NCI-Roberts is our division with a renowned history of building and transforming churches and nonprofits.

What truly separates JG Development from other construction firms is the breadth of our capabilities, combined with our operational flexibility.  We build everything from luxury homes to exquisite sanctuaries and sound community facilities. But true to our name, we also provide development and other services that make your project more integrated and convenient, like real estate guidance and investor support. And while our divisions focus on their particular specialties, they also call upon each other to deliver the quality craftsmanship and service we’re all known for.

Just imagine:  The master craftsman working on your home asking an award-winning commercial project manager for advice installing a rare material, or the commercial project manager working with a residential interior designer to achieve a truly custom feature in a library renovation.  That’s the power of having JG Development at work for you.  That’s the power of having a complete construction solution.

As you can see, we love to build—which we’ve done happily for decades.  And today, we’d love to start building for you, by first building trust—and a lasting relationship—with you.